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Oct 25
Why Business Cards Still Matter

Why Business Cards Still Matter

Why Business Cards Still Matter

In the modern business world, almost everything is done digitally, from sending mail to attending conferences or meetings. Despite all the advancements in technology, however, business cards still remain relevant. While it’s a good idea to jump on the digital marketing bandwagon, it’s also wise to stick to some tried and tested traditions to promote your business to potential clients.

Business cards have been around for a long time, and there is a good reason why they remain an important marketing tool.

Reasons Business Cards Are Still Relevant

Nothing beats the feeling of handing your business card personally to your clients

No amount of automation can replace an effective business card. Potential clients consider business cards as a window to a company’s possible quality of products or services. A study revealed that about 72% of potential customers judge a company based on the quality of its business card. This only shows that your business card design can make or break business partnerships. Furthermore, your business card size, dimension, and layout are significant factors to consider if you want to impress your prospects.

Here are several reasons why business cards still matter:

Business cards allows your clients to easily contact you when they require your services or products

  • Convenience

Business cards remain significant until this day because they effectively deliver contact information. Providing your contact information to your prospective customers helps them reach you easily when they need your products or services. Make sure to include all the essential contact details, such as your name, phone number, and email address. One other advantage is that the recipient can put your card in their wallet and retrieve it easily.

While exchanging details can be done via smartphones, both devices need to be compatible to deliver the information. Not all of your prospects carry phones that are compatible with yours.

Clients can feel safe knowing they can contact you anytime

  • Shows Legitimacy 

Earning your customer’s trust is crucial for the success of your business. When properly used, business cards can be a powerful physical tool that associates your potential clients with your business. Providing them your contact information gives your clients a feeling of “safety”, knowing that they can reach you easily if they need anything.

Also, setting up a professionally designed website for your business can achieve customer trust and confidence. It shows people who do not have your business card that you take them and your business seriously.

  • Establish a Quick First Impression 

A simple business design can effectively make a good, lasting impression

A good business card design can make a good first impression and grab your target customers’ attention. An instant first impression becomes all more essential since it helps you stand out from the competition. Make sure all the important elements on your business card, such as your company logo, brand colours, typeface, give your card a professional look to make your brand more recognizable to customers.

  • Effective Direct Marketing Tools 

Businesses use email marketing, search engine optimization, and paid media to attract target customers and convert qualified leads. While these are effective strategies, it does not equate to the experience of an in-person meeting with a client and sealing it with a handshake along with a business card exchange. For instance, you can potentially meet a client at tradeshows or industry conferences. Keeping business cards in hand ensures that you do not miss an opportunity to establish a business connection with a prospect.

  • No Internet Needed 

It is great to have an impressive website or social media page for your business. However, you may need to invest in SEO and other digital marketing strategies to establish a strong online presence. On the other hand, business cards are not reliant on the Internet. Recipients can easily access your phone number in case they need to contact you.

  • Show Preparedness 

You will never know when you can meet a potential client

Every businessperson must always be prepared to succeed in their venture. You should have business cards ready in case you need to promote your business to a potential client, making business cards an effective part of your marketing and networking strategy. Preparedness opens even the smallest avenues of opportunities to your business.

What to Include in Your Business Card

A business card consists of various elements and knowing which elements to use and which to leave out gives your card an eye-catching and well-balanced look. When it comes to your business cards, do not only focus on the graphic elements and text you want to add. When you create a business card, you must also consider the negative space to achieve the right balance and give each element room to breathe.

Here are the most vital components that give your business card a stellar and professional look:

  • Logo

Your logo is a visual representation of your business, what you do, and how they can benefit from you. It makes your company professional, reliable, and trustworthy.

  • Company Name 

Your company name is by far the most crucial information on your business card. Make sure to provide plenty of space and make it prominent.

  • Tagline

A tagline should effectively sum up what your company is all about and sets you apart from competitors that offer similar products in 6 words or less. Make sure it is straightforward, professional, and focuses on the core service.

  • Your Name 

Use prominent text so recipients can easily see and remember your name, as well as establish a personal connection to your business.

  • Your Job Title 

Since some people are not good at remembering names, your job title can be an effective memory jogger, helping prospects remember you for your area of expertise.

  • Website – When creating a business card, make sure it’s consistent with the design of your website.
  • Contact Details – Your contact details can be placed on the left, right, or centre of the business card. Use large-sized text or prominent placement to clearly emphasize your phone number or email address. For brick-and-mortar businesses, add your physical address to increase foot traffic.

Top Business Card Design Ideas

Whether you are a startup or an established company, your business card is a valuable tool that has a huge impact. It is not just used to hand out your business’ contact information and spread your brand. Business cards with awesome designs can show your potential clients how unique your brand is.

If you are looking for some inspiration, we have rounded up some business card ideas that bring exquisite design and functionality.

  • Minimalist Design 

Less can sometimes mean more when it comes to design. Using the right strategy, a business card with a minimalistic design can be more impactful than the one with too many design elements. Having a clean, minimalist business card can give your clients a feeling of sophistication. It also demonstrates a classic, timeless look, if that is how you want your customers to perceive your brand.

And while a minimalist design uses only a few elements, it does not necessarily mean boring. You can still get creative with the colours and text layouts without exaggerating the design.

  • Unique Typography 

The main purpose of your business card is to disseminate your information to potential customers. Depending on the type of business card you have, typography is a work of art that effectively translates essential information about your business.

  • 3D Business Card Design

A 3D design infuses fun and creativity into your business card. It makes it more unique and interesting, which helps establish a lasting impression on your recipients.

  • Sleek and Black

When you decide to go for a business card with a sleek and black design, be mindful of its details to make them stand out. Printing on a thicker cardstock gives its black background a richer and more sophisticated look. Also, embossed, foil stamped, or metallic ink will look good on black cardstock.

  • Photo-centric Designs

Adding a photo can add a great effect on your business card. Whether you are using a photo of yourself or your product, it makes your card visually interesting and catchy. Using too much text can overwhelm people, but adding a personal photo or an image of your product can help your customers connect to your business. It also helps them remember you and your products easier.

If you are uncertain which design is best for your business card, turn to Mouth Media for the best business card designs in Toronto, Canada. Give us a call at 416.531.5443 to learn more about our services.