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Jan 30
What Your Target Audience Wants to See on Your Website

What Your Target Audience Wants to See on Your Website

In today’s business world, having a professional and highly functional website is a must. One of the most crucial factors to keep in mind when it comes to website design features is your users. By providing your target audience with everything they need, they will be more likely to spend more time on your website.

Despite all of these, there are still plenty of business owners who ignore the importance of a good website design. A poorly designed website often results in low conversion and a high bounce rate.

To avoid this problem, our web design agency in Toronto has rounded up a list of the most essential features that your target audience generally wants to see on your website.

Whether you are planning to update your website or are struggling to keep your target audience engaged, consider looking at the following elements of a good website design.

  • Unique Selling Points

There are probably hundreds or even thousands of other businesses that have the same business offerings as yours. To stand out from the local competition, you need to differentiate yourself by highlighting important points of your business on your website. You can mention your track record, positive customer reviews, expertise, years of experience, or any unique points that will make you stand out from your competitors.

To effectively write a management bio for your business, answer the question, “Why should anyone purchase from your business?” Unfortunately, many businesses failed to address this question on their website.

To convince potential customers that your business is the ideal choice, write a summary of your unique selling points in no more than 2 to 3 paragraphs long.

  • Clear Business Information

It can be frustrating to scroll through a website and not know what the company does and what they offer. When prospects visit your website, make sure to provide them with clear and accurate information about your business

Some people just do not have the time to browse every web page to look for information. When they do not see clear business information, they will most likely abandon your website and find somewhere else to make their purchase.

Be sure to provide a short, clear explanation at the top of your home page so your target audience will quickly know that they are in the right place.

  • Updated Blogs

Be sure to update your blog page as frequently as possible

Blogging is one of the most effective ways to update your target audience about the most current happenings in your business, share industry news, and establish yourself as an authority in your niche. When you do not update your blog page, it can give your visitors the impression that your business is not active and that you have nothing going on or new to offer.

  • Easy Navigation

The menu located on the top of your website often serves as the point of navigation. Make sure the website navigation bar is easy to find since it is one of the most important aspects and is the one thing your visitors will look for.

While web designers can place a menu behind a menu, nothing beats having the website functionality of standard single-line navigation with drop-down menus. In addition to making your menu accessible, be sure to include a “back to top” button at the bottom corner for long web pages.

  • Validation or Testimonials

Creating a space for reviews and testimonials on your website is one of the crucial features of a good website when it comes to building trust with potential customers. Having this section on your site is like including references on a resume — it is a way to show that you’re a legitimate and reliable business. You could also consider having a live review section for products. Allowing customers to provide feedback is another great way to build trust and show that you care about their experience.

  • High-Quality Images

Your website’s images are crucial. If they aren’t high quality, it’s time to invest in better ones. High-quality photos make a big difference, whether you take them yourself or hire a professional photographer. Images convey plenty of information than words alone, so good photography is worth the investment.

  • Clear and Accurate Description

If you have an e-commerce website, product descriptions are important because people can’t physically touch your product online. Make sure to include as many details as possible so users know what they buy. Things to include in your description:

    • Sizing
    • Materials used
    • Product dimensions
    • Weight
    • Colours
    • Shipping and delivery info
    • Return policy
  • Security

SSL certificates help protect your client’s data

People are always careful about sharing their personal information online. They’ll only provide it to secure websites that they trust. SSL certificates help to protect the privacy of data exchanged between a customer and a website, which will ease their fears and make them more likely to share their information with you. In addition, securing your website with an SSL certificate will also help you save your website from hackers, improve your website speed, and reduce your bounce rate.

  • Quick Contact Information

It’s important to have a way for your site’s visitors to get in touch with you. Whether they have questions, suggestions, or concerns, being able to contact you easily makes your site more trustworthy and personal. You can add a simple contact page to your site that includes all the necessary information. Be sure to include it in the main navigation so it’s easy to find. You can also add a button somewhere on the site that leads directly to the contact page.

  • Clear Pricing of Your Products or Services

It is crucial to be transparent about the cost of your product from the very beginning. Your users’ first concern will always be the price, so make sure it is visible and easy to find on your website. There are too many sites that try to hide their prices behind long descriptions or unnecessary fluff. If your users have to scroll endlessly to find the price, they will get frustrated and leave. Keep it simple.

  • Valuable Content

It is important to have high-quality content on your website if you want to be successful. Content is king, after all. If your site is filled with poorly written content that does not offer anything to visitors, then it was a complete waste of your time to add it. Think about what visitors will really want to see on your site, and make sure you have that on your site. If your customers find your content useful, they will spend more time on your website and even approach you if they need something that your company offers. This will also help build authority with Google and provide value to your customers. In other words: good content equals happy customers.

A well-designed website gives your target audience what they are searching for on your website. Are you giving your prospects what they want?

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