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Sep 17

What is an hCard and why should your website have one?

As defined on Wikipedia, an hCard is “a microformat for publishing the contact details (which might be no more than the name) of people, companies, organizations, and places, in (X)HTML, Atom, RSS, or arbitrary XML.”

In layman’s terms, an hCard is similar to a vCard and uses web development code that allows search engines and other bots to tell the difference between general copy on a website and an address or other contact details.

Why is this important?

In May 2009, Google announced that they would be parsing the hCard, hReview and hProduct microformats, and using them to populate search-result pages. By formatting your contact details on your website into an hCard format, tools such as Google Maps’ API can pick up on these things much easier which in turn give your website a higher search engine ranking.

For an example of an hCard, feel free to review ours in the bottom right corner of

Adding an hCard to your website is a quick task. Contact us to add one to your website today!