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Mar 25

What is a microinteraction and why should you care?

Microinteractions are small, single-purpose elements on a site that engage users for a moment, getting them to act, react or interact. Good examples are logins, opportunities to update your status, connect with another person, rate an experience, add a comment, like a post. They promote user engagement, so the best places to use them are where you actually want users to DO something.

So why do you need to know about them?

Because that’s why you want people to come to your site. To do something while they’re there. You want them to give you their email. Rate a product. Connect with you on LinkedIn. And enjoy the experience enough that they’ll want to come back. Microinteractions are an easy way to engage people with your site and your brand.

But not every microinteraction is created equal. People will only act if there’s something in it for them. The sense of satisfaction they get from “liking” something on Facebook, for example. Or having their opinion heard in the comments section of your site. Or just watching a cool animation. Make the experience interesting or fun – make it move around, use playful language, and create appeal to encourage action.

There are so many possibilities for embedding microinteractions to be boost the effectiveness of your site. And we’re full of ideas about how to engage your users. Talk to us for more info.