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Nov 26
Top Web Design Trends in 2022 That Will Captivate Clients

Top Web Design Trends in 2022 That Will Captivate Clients

Top Web Design Trends in 2022 That Will Captivate Clients

Technology is constantly evolving, and the same goes for website design trends. What were once modern or innovative website design elements and features may have become outdated in recent years. Because potential customers are more likely to abandon outdated websites, you need to keep people interested and engaged which is certainly doable with a few website updates.

While web design and development trends can come and go, some aspects of website design such as user-friendly navigation, data security, and fast load times will stay no matter what the trends are. However, adding several innovative features and elements help keep your website layout at the forefront of design and attractive to search engines. That is why it is essential for website owners to assess the effectiveness of their current web design and keep up with the latest trends.

To get you started, here are the top trends to expect in web design in 2022. While some are relatively new, some have been around and widely used for years.

  • VR Experience

VR experience allows potential customers to connect directly with a product or service

The number of eCommerce websites using virtual reality technology is expected to increase in the coming years due to its awesome benefits. For instance, it allows Airbnb businesses to provide their potential customers virtual tours so they can see the different areas of the house before making a reservation. Also, IKEA started featuring a virtual showroom to showcase certain furniture pieces in home settings.

  • Human-Like Chatbots

The advancement in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning has introduced us to a new technology called chatbots, computer programs designed to communicate with customers. With many companies embracing this modern innovation, tech experts have predicted that the interface of these programs will continue to improve to provide customers with more complex and human-like responses. Chatbots will help companies provide better customer service and support.

  • Dark Mode

Dark mode design is easy on the eye

Dark coloured website schemes have become increasingly popular with web designers. You can even use dark mode when browsing Google Chrome. In addition to being a refreshing alternative to traditional colour templates, the dark mode template can effectively reduce eye strain and highlight the image and content you want to feature on the page.

  • Design for Thumb

Mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, generate more than 53% of global website traffic. With millions of people using mobile devices to access the Internet, it is critical to optimize your website for mobile-friendliness, as well as thumb-scrolling. A responsive web design reduces bounce rates and boosts conversion rates.

  • Interactive Content

Interactive content is an effective way to keep your website visitors engaged. It can be in the form of a quiz, poll, or online calculators that attract your people to your website. In 2022, more web designers will be incorporating interactive content as part of their website-building approach.

  • White Space

White space may not be the star of the website, but a great design cannot exist without it

Also called the negative space, white space refers to the blank area that separates the design elements. In recent years, eCommerce websites are leveraging white space by keeping it free from text, images, and other elements. Instead, modern websites are embracing the minimalist approach, a type of web design known to be more visually relaxing and appealing to website visitors. It also allows users to easily read and understand the information presented on the website.

  • Voice-Activated Interface

How people access information on the Internet is fast changing. Instead of typing your queries into the search bar, you can now ask a question or make a demand on Google. This trend has urged web design companies to adjust and keep up with the popularity of voice chatbots and virtual assistants. Although not many websites are using the voice-activated interface, this emerging trend will stay relevant in the foreseeable future.

In the years to come, the number of websites integrating voice search will continue to increase.

  • Full Height Homepage

Web designers are taking advantage of homepages by boosting the height of the homepage hero image like a billboard that highlights the website’s main message or call-to-action button. If you are using this design, do not forget to consider the resolution and dimension of the hero image to ensure that the website elements will appear properly on various browser settings.

  • Micro Animations

Business owners can leverage the use of micro animation to guide visitors as they navigate through their websites. eCommerce websites can take advantage of this design feature to highlight certain products. For instance, if you are running an online clothing store, you can use micro animations to feature how a dress fits on a moving human model.

  • Smart Video

 Videos allow users to absorb information faster

Over the years, videos are considered to be one of the must-have elements in a website. They can effectively engage people, making them a powerful online marketing tool.

Using video as content is great, but you may need to think it through to make it more engaging and interesting to your target audience. Videos should have a purpose and meaning. Simply embedding a YouTube video on your website is not as effective as before. A high-quality, well-thought-out video is a hundred times better than a random video.

  • Text-Only Hero Images

Placing the most important information at the hero section (top of the web page) is an effective way to attract more customers to your website and increase sales. To make this design technique work, you must eliminate any typical background image in the hero section and highlight your message using striking typography to grab the attention of the readers. A bold, unique font works effectively in this technique.

  • Data Visualization

Engage your website visitors with visualized data

Humans are visual creatures that love and respond more to visualized information. Charts, graphs, and infographics are often used by businesses to present relevant information on their websites. Incorporating data visualization can help you deliver your brand message to your target audience in a more efficient and compelling way.

  • Dynamic Scrolling

Also known as single-page scrolling, dynamic scrolling is a technique wherein all content is contained within a single page. It is a great technique to share your story on your website, especially if you are adding parallax scrolling into the mix. When you use dynamic scrolling, you lessen the friction users feel while browsing through web pages, whether they are using a smartphone or tablet. This works effectively for thumb-scrolling.

As 2022 is fast approaching, there will be a lot of clean, bright, and captivating websites with striking animation and smarter videos that boost user experience. Expect more web designers, marketers, and corporate executives to take advantage of these hot website design trends to create greater visibility, and ultimately more business.

If you are looking to upgrade and incorporate these design trends into your website, our team of professional web designers at Mouth Media can help you out. Call us today at 416.531.5443 to learn more about our web design services. Let us know how our web designers in Toronto can help develop the best web design to ensure sustainable growth for your business.