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Dec 14

Techniques for the Perfect Minimalistic Web Design

As a web designer, it is one of your main goals to keep your web design as minimalistic as possible. While it may seem simpler to have fewer elements in your web design, it can be challenging to not make any compromises in functionality. At the same time, your web design should highlight the content on your website.

However, you can get the perfect minimalistic web design with the following techniques:

Exquisite contrast

Colors have a huge role to play in minimalistic web design as it is one of the most important elements. As you need colors to make your content stand out, you should pay close attention to the combination. When you choose the right combination of colors, your web design will look exquisite. However, if you use too many colors, it defeats the purpose of minimalism.

To get the perfect look for your website, you need to use at least two colors. When you are choosing contrasting colors, make sure that it isn’t overwhelming to you and the users.

Flat design

Even though flat design has been around for some time, it is one of the best techniques to use for making your web design look minimalistic. Flat design mainly uses toned down colors so that it isn’t distracting to the users. Also, when you compare flat design to other styles, you will observe that it is beautiful and straightforward, unlike its counterparts.

When you are using flat design, you need to make sure that all the elements and icons follow the same style. Avoid overloading the design with colors as it can be an eyesore to the users.

Gripping typography

Although you can remove a lot of elements from your web design, you can never eliminate words. When you make your web design minimalistic, the typography you use will be under the spotlight. If you want the perfect minimalistic web design, then you should go for custom, sharp, and beautiful typography.

As typography makes users emphasize on the content in your website, you should get it spot on in your web design. One way to do it is to use fonts that have bold styles. As you will also be receiving mobile users, you need to make sure that the font isn’t too big for the screen.

Harmonious grid aesthetics

As you are looking to make your web design minimalistic, you should use a sound grid for your website. The grid allows you to place the elements of your design, in a way that it is purposeful. While a large number of designers want symmetric designs, it isn’t necessary that you follow the crowd. Instead, you need to mix and match the alignment styles in such a way that it looks balanced visually. To achieve this, you should go for horizontal, approximate, radial symmetry or asymmetry. Regardless of the type of symmetry you use, the design should be harmonious.

Striking and sizeable background photographs

To add emphasis to the content on your web design, you need to use striking and sizeable photographs in the background. If you want, you can go one step further and add more importance to content, by blurring the photograph. When you use photographs in your web design, make sure that it doesn’t take the attention away from the content.

Instead, it should complement the content in such a manner that gains the attention of your users. If you want to make the most of background photographs, you should only use those of high-quality. Also, it is beneficial if they have a lot of whitespace or negative space.

Straightforward navigation

The navigation system you use in your web design should be straightforward and simple. If your users have to go through a lot of web pages to find important information, it defeats the purpose of minimalism. Always make sure that your users can find all the content they need with the least amount of clicks.

Similarly, you can also improve navigation by removing the hamburger menu. One of the biggest problems with the hamburger menu is that it hides content. As a result of this, discoverability goes down, making it harder for your users to find what they are looking for on your website. You can go for tab menus as they make navigation through your web design, easy and elementary.


The most important and powerful element of minimalistic web design is whitespace. When you use a lot of whitespace on your website, your content stands out. Whitespace also gives you the liberty of organizing the elements of your web design. At the same time, it isn’t overwhelming to your users when you use a lot of whitespace. It also makes your products and services look luxurious.

Use these techniques to get the perfect minimalistic web design. If you are finding it challenging to make your website minimal, why don’t you contact Mouth Media? Our professional web designers will design a minimalistic website according to your specifications!