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Apr 20

Recent Changes to Facebook Pages – And what it means to your brand or business

Recently Facebook made some pretty hefty changes in how brands and businesses use their Facebook Pages. At Mouth Media, we are loving the new changes! Here is a quick list of how the changes affect current Page owners and admins.

  1. You are now able to LIKE other pages AS your page instead of through your personal account (as was required previously). You can also comment on posts AS your page.
  2. You can let everyone know who your Page admins are. If you have a handful of recognized people acting as admins for your Page, you can show them off and gain some industry cred.
  3. You can now be notified by email when someone posts to your wall or comments. No need to routinely scan for ‘inappropriate’ content as it will be waiting for you in your email inbox (yeahhhh more inappropriate emails). More importantly, having notifications lets you know when you need to login to contribute to the conversation.
  4. FBML pages are being discontinued. They still work for now – but for how long, its hard to tell. Facebook has moved to iFrames which can support much more content including XFBML code and plugins. With the new way we create Facebook Pages, we can include:
  • HTML content (basically anything you can put on your website can now be added to your Facebook Page)
  • Internal or external links
  • CSS (site styles)
  • Javascript
  • Flash (keeping in mind that Flash is not viewable on mobile)
  • Other social media feeds and content (blogs, youtube, twitter, flickr…)
  • Dynamic content (content from your database)
  • Facebook Like buttons, Facebook Comments, Facebook Live Event Chat…

If you are looking to update or add to your Facebook Page, we would love to discuss how Mouth Media can help.


And lots more launching soon for a television show, a daycare centre, a museum, a personal trainer… – apparently everyone wants (and needs) a custom Facebook in 2011. it’s no wonder considering that Facebook is the second most popular website in the world after Google.