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Must-Have Adobe Lightroom Presets

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Aug 11

Must-Have Adobe Lightroom Presets

Any 21st-century photographer or graphic designer or web design agency is familiar with Adobe Lightroom, and its range of presets that could save you half of the time you spend on post-production processes. Presets have the power to transform your pictures to a whole new level by adding various effects and styles, all the while speeding up your editing work flow. Apart from the built-in ones that Lightroom offers, and your own presets that you can create and save, there are a number of amazing free, as well as paid presets out there available for download.

Below, we have curated the must-have Adobe Lightroom presets for every kind of picture that will surely deliver stunning results and make your images look a hundred times better!

  • Wedding Day – This preset is what every wedding photographer needs. Designed specifically for wedding and engagement photos, it sets the vibrancy and saturation of your pictures to give a slightly desaturated look. Your pictures will end up with a very subtle warm-reddish look to it with a slight vignette. It is also applicable for non-wedding outdoor pictures shot in the afternoon.

(You can get it here: http://mattk.com/free-lightroom-presets-wedding-day/)

  • Soft Wash – This preset enables you to transform your images into film-inspired elegant pictures, with an overall cinematic effect. It softens the background, making subjects stand out. The soft wash preset is a part of a bundle of 20 Lightroom presets offered by Shutter Pulse, and is available for free download.

(You can get it here: http://shutterpulse.com/free-film-lightroom-preset/)

  • Cole’s Classroom Lightroom Presets – Cole’s Classroom provides this set of free 15 Lightroom presets that are exactly what you need to make your photos look absolutely stunning. It has everything from presets like Smooth Skin Slight Desat which will give your pictures a soft, smooth and romantic effect to Big Bold Colour, a preset that speaks for itself. You even find basic ones like Old School Film Sepia and Black and White.

(You can get it here: https://www.colesclassroom.com/free-lightroom-presets/)

  • Vibrant Landscape Lightroom Preset – This gives your pictures a splash of vibrant colour that is perfect for landscape pictures. It works extremely well for pictures that may look dull, which is common while shooting landscape pictures. It makes such pictures brighter and more vivid. This preset is from Landscape Legend Lightroom Presets, and is free.

(You can get it here: https://loadedlandscapes.com/free-vibrant-landscape-lightroom-preset/)

  • Vintage Fade Lightroom Preset – This free preset by Exposure Empire is exactly what you need to give your images a vintage or retro look. It will make the colours of the photo fade, and then incorporate a minimal vintage effect to it. The result is a beautiful overall vintage feel to your picture.

(You can get it here: http://exposureempire.com/vintage-fade/)

  • Asakusa – Asakusa is a Lightroom preset by Preset Pond that adds cold and soft colours to your images, making it perfect for extremely sharp photos. It is free. The end result is low saturation and split toning for your images.

(You can get it here: http://presetpond.com/presets/lightroom/asakusa-lr/)

  • Grungy Urban Portraits – This is a set of 10 Lightroom presets (free) that are made especially for edgy portraits and images of urban surroundings and subjects. These presets add a high contrast look to images, and are perfect as starting points for processing urban portraits and street photography.

(You can get it here: http://fstopspot.com/main/free-resources-for-photographers/free-lightroom-presets-for-street-urban-portrait-photography/)

  • Realistic HDR Lightroom Preset - This Lightroom preset increases the active range of the images, while still lending a realistic and natural look. It is free. Apply this preset and your images will look like they would jump off the screen any time! It is best for outdoor pictures like landscapes, animals, city streets, and so on.

(You can get it here: http://exposureschool.com/realistic-hdr-free-lightroom-preset/)

  • Soft Pastel Lightroom Preset – This free preset by Photography Pla.net, as the name implies, gives a nice, soft, and calm pastel effect to your images. It works best for outdoor photos shot in sunlight and portraits, although it is extremely versatile and can be used for a wide variety of pictures.

(You can get it here: http://photographypla.net/pastel-effect-lightroom/)

  • Summer Theme Presets – This is a pack of 8 free presets that focuses on vibrancy and saturation of your images to give a laid-back, hot shaded summer feel that makes your photos look amazing.

(You can get them here: http://kevinhosford.deviantart.com/art/Summer-Presets-214231777)

  • MCP Mini Enlighten – This free collection has 15 photographer- recommended Lightroom presets for a wide variety of shooting situations. These preset allow you to tone your images so that you may get professional, polished looks for your pictures. They can be used either separately or stacked together to achieve stunning results.

(You can get it here: https://mcpactions.com/product/mini-enlighten-presets/)

  • Black and White – Black and White is a collection of free 6 Lightroom presets that has different ranges of black and white tones that can be added to your photos, depending on the look and feel you wish to achieve.

(You can get it here: http://digitalphotobuzz.com/lightroom-presets

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