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Nov 30

Is Instagram the new Facebook?

It’s a question that’s on a lot of marketers’ minds these days. Is Instagram gaining the same kind of popularity as its older, more established counterpart?

The answer is yes…and no.

Yes, it’s becoming the new social media hub of choice, but only with a very specific demographic: millennials and teens. Older users tend to think of Instagram as a great camera app with cool filters. For the young’uns, it’s a full-on social network – all about sharing selfies and getting followers, likes and comments. 6/10 users in this age group use a platform other than Facebook to connect (Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr and Vine are the big ones).

Why Instagram?

  • Their parents (and grandparents!) aren’t as into it, so there’s a sense of exclusivity.
  • They like the simplicity – Facebook feels clunky and old-fashioned by comparison.
  • It’s more visually focused than Facebook, which is of particular appeal to the photo-focused selfie generation.

So how do you connect with young users on Instagram?
It’s not about advertising to them directly. It’s about sharing, entertaining and having fun. Share photos of your colleagues and your customers, show fun applications of your product, post inspirational quotes. Make it friendly. Organic. Fun. If you make a meaningful connection, they’ll choose you over your competition.

So Instagram is the new Facebook. Sort of. But if you’re targeting the under 25 crowd, it pays to be posting photos. Want to know more about Instagram and other social media tools? Ask us. We’re happy to help you get more savvy on social.