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Jan 2

IE7 usage down to 4%. How long can it survive?

With most web browsers now having auto updates to force users to use the most updated software, many web developers feel there is very little reason to continue to support older browsers. Due to this increasingly popular train of thought, Internet Explorer 7 may soon follow in the footsteps of its predecessor IE6.

Facebook’s Timeline is the most notable signpost that IE7 is on its way out as IE7 users cannot view the new layout and are offered a buggy version of the old layout (check out this Mashable article for more details). With Facebook on board with¬†ousting this antiquated browser, others are sure to follow suit.

StatCounter which aggregates data collected through a sample of 15 billion+ pageviews per month across over 3 million websites, shows that IE7 usage is down to 4% in December 2011.

We’ll be weighing the pros and cons of continuing support for IE7 but I have a feeling its days are numbered.