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Nov 13

Good Ideas from Good Places

Whether you are a client or a fellow designer, you will always need good sources for design inspiration. At Mouth Media, before designing a site we have our clients provide a list of websites that they like. This gives us an idea of the style of design our client likes, be it a clean corporate style, or a grungy urban look. Sometimes this proves difficult as most clients who come to a design firm looking for a new website don’t know where to look to find really aesthetically pleasing websites.

In this latest post, we will share with you some of the places we go to for our own design inspiration when beginning a website. We strongly encourage you (our clients and our friends) to check these sites out so you can have at your disposal a current list of beautiful websites from across the web.


1. Daily Slurp
The Daily Slurp is a website gallery showcasing some of the best websites from across the world. The gallery is updated daily so there is never a lack of inspiration sites. I, personally, have the Daily Slurp as my default homepage so when I come into work in the morning it is the first thing I see. This provides me with the inspiration I need right away.


2. Design Meltdown
The Design Meltdown was created by Patrick McNeil, the same guy who runs the Daily Slurp. Design Meltdown is basically a database of thousands of different websites divided into categories, colours, styles, design elements, etc. This site is brilliant for inspiration. Say your corporate colour is red, you can view all different sites that use red as their main colour. Or say you own a restaurant and you want to view a whole selection of well designed restaurant sites, simply look for Restaurants in the left column and click to view different restaurant websites.


3. CSS Mania
CSS Mania is another gallery that is updated regularly with new and amazing websites. It is basically the same idea as many of the inspirational sites we view, but it is updated a little more frequently.


Faveup is a great resource for design inspiration. Not only do they have a showcase of website designs, but they also have a showcase of beautiful logo designs and business card designs! This is a great place to get ideas for rebranding or creating unique branding ideas.