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Jun 7

First Impressions in Social Media > Increase your visual impact with custom social media design

Carving out your place in the social web has never been easier. From Facebook’s new Social Plugins and the ability to create custom designed Pages to communicating with your audience in Twitter‘s 140 character limit, there is something for every business or brand. I’ll outline a few things we are doing for our clients below as examples.

A week after launching their new LIKE button and a number of other website plugins, 50,000 sites had implemented them with more websites coming on board every second. And they aren’t just being used by the big players like CNN and Levi’s – small brands looking to get a piece of the ‘Facebook audience pie’ are jumping on board too.

The most common of the widgets is the simple LIKE button. Facebook users can LIKE (formerly known as “becoming a fan of”) your page but can now also immediately see which of their friends have already liked it. Visiting a webpage and seeing 5 of your friends smiling back at you can offer a level of credibility rarely seen before with such easy integration.

Check out the Like button we added for Quartetto Gelato – one of our first clients to add a Facebook Social plugin to their site.

Other widgets include adding a feed of your Facebook wall posts, a Recommend feature, or a Live Feed for use with real-time online experiences such as seminar broadcast or live streamed concerts.

How engaging is a Facebook wall? Well, the name gives it away – even with the fanciest of wallpaper (posts) its still just a wall and not always the best way to grab your Facebook visitors’ interest so they stay long enough to engage with the rest of your Facebook content. So, why settle for basic when Facebook now allows you to have custom designed pages?

Based on a form of HTML, designers and developers can now create a page with text, images, flash videos, Youtube video, internal navigation, links to your site….and much more.

We’ve added this to the Mouth Media Facebook page (feel free to LIKE it) and have started creating these for some of our clients. Check out screenshots of the Luminato and Sultry Suds custom pages here.

BEFORE and AFTER – which do you like more?

Mouth Media Facebook Page - Wall or Custom Landing Page


You’ve mastered the 140 character limit but how does the whole page look? Take some time and update the look and feel of your Twitter page as it could possibly be a potential client’s first contact with your brand. See some of the Twitter pages we’ve designed for our clients here.

More and more we are developing proposals for the design and set up of number of social media sites from Facebook to Twitter to YouTube and beyond. Every brand and business has different needs are finding the right place in the social web can be a tricky task – especially when faced with limited time. That being said, the right social media plan can really help your business grow. Let us know if you would like to discuss your social media plan to see what opportunities are out there for you.