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Oct 29

Engaging Users on Facebook

With so many things to occupy your time on Facebook, why would anyone stick around on your Facebook page? They will if you give them something RELEVANT and ENGAGING! We recently launched to Facebook Pages that did just that.

EXAMPLE ONE – Holistic United

Holistic United is a worldwide directory of holistic practitioner – each with their own porfile, company info, services offered, contact info… Holistic United uses Facebook to communicate with their members and the larger holistic community and has recently added the ability to search the entire directory via a tab on their Facebook Page. We created the tab using the FBML application and pull data into a flash (SWF) file so that information is real-time as member’s update their profiles.

Although there are other factors at play, in the first month of adding the directory to their Facebook Page, traffic to their website from Facebook increased by 89% from the previous month. View it here >

EXAMPLE TWO – GreenLane Winery

GreenLane Winery has a new Facebook Page and wanted to offer information that their Fans and potential Fans could engage with. Being a product-based business, we suggested having information about each of their wines with prices and pairing recommendations. Site visitors are also able to comment about each wine in a section called “Better When Shared”.

This is a new online community so share some Facebook love and give them a LIKE. View it here >

So what will you be doing with your Facebook Page? Let Mouth Media help you decide!