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Jul 4

Does your website have a mullet?

When thinking of the latest and greatest trends, what comes to mind? Fashion, music, hair, interior design? If your hair and clothing are up to date, why shouldn’t your website be? We’re here to let you know if your website is still rockin’ a mullet. And if so, it’s time for a major update. Like everything else, there are certain dos and dont’s of the Internet and this post will hopefully bring you up to speed.

How do I know if my website is outdated?
I really just can’t believe how many people LOVE to fill their site with tacky add-ons. I think the main reason for this monstrosity is because their site is already lacking everywhere else, so they feel the need to add in a little extra flare to spice it up. Note to self: If your website is lacking and needs to be spiced up, get a new one. There are heaps of elements we could zone in on and talk about for hours, but instead I’ll create a checklist of a few reoccurring web disasters.

Animated Gifs
Animated gif’s are like tie die shirts. They might have been cool at one point, but now it’s time to hang them up. Glittering, flashing text, marquee banners, and pixilation is a very quick way to make even the slickest website look amateur.

Cheesy Flash Intros
When someone takes the time to visit your site they want the information and they want it NOW! No one wants to sit through some dreadful animation of laser beams and bad music.

Welcome to 2008! If your website is still using frames you might as well be on a typewriter with a lantern beside you.

Without a doubt, every client will say “Can you make my logo bigger?” Obviously your logo deserves some prominence on your web page, but there’s no need for a “Texas Size” logo perched up in the corner stealing all the attention.

R.I.P. Comic Sans font. It’s time to let this one go.  Also, fluorescent green and purple copy on a black background just isn’t going to cut it anymore.

Let’s take a look into some recent, trendy design styles that are flooding the Internet.

Web 2.0 has been all the rage across the Internet for the past while. This design craze is all about simplicity and usability with a polished look that really makes the content jump off the page. Gradients, reflections, shines, badges and flashy icons are used to achieve this look.

This look is often found on artist/entertainment type-sites, but is slowly leaking into the commercial world. The goal with a distressed look is to create something that actually looks like it’s been aged and worn. Rough edges, textures, contrast, rips and tears are the name of this game.

This type of design speaks for itself; it’s all about keeping the layout as minimal as possible. This technique is still very clean and professional, but a lot less graphical and more content driven.

Hand drawn
This style is showing up more and more recently and involves a ‘scrapbook-like’ effect. It is a nice alternative to the shiny, Web 2.0 look. Often you will see backgrounds made up of crinkled paper, pieces of tape that appear to be holding elements together, and font types that look hand sketched.