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Jul 15

Bringing back the 80s – one photo at a time!

We made mistakes in the 80s. Huge mistakes. And most of them involved our fashion choices. We recently created a promotional tool for Mirvish Productions in Toronto to run photo contests on their website. The current contest for Rock Of Ages (with a pair of tickets to see Bon Jovi’s The Circle World Tour on July 21 up for grabs) is the Awesome 80s Photo Contest. Check it out here or read more about the functionality below.

Through their Content Management System (CMS), site administrators can create and launch a photo contest on their site in a few minutes by adding contest creative and copy.

Site visitors can upload images via a website form or they can email their photos directly in to the gallery.

The photos are moderated and go live once approved by an admin.

Site visitors are able to vote for their favourites daily. Votes are restricted by a combination of cookies and email address verification.

After voting, people are able to share their vote on Twitter or Facebook.

A cost-effective way to engage your website visitors, produce user-generated content and share your promotion to social media sites.