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Mar 16

Big, beautiful backgrounds

There’s something to be said about a site that uses a huge image or video as its background. There’s no clutter. Just impact.

It adds drama. Put something on your site that people will want to look at, and they’ll look at it. Repeatedly. Large images and big fonts are a great way to achieve a clean, powerful, elegant design that attracts and engages viewers. Here’s a great example.
Readers are more likely to scroll. When they see a big image that takes up the entire area above the “fold,” they are more likely to assume there is more content underneath it. Our Kinky Boots site design is a great example of this idea.

It boosts readability. Big pictures and fonts make your site easier to read, especially on mobile devices, which often automatically adjust font size.

Minimalism conveys a modern aesthetic. Which says something about your business being modern. Up-to-the-minute. Design savvy. And other great stuff.

Videos and slideshows communicate visually. You’ve probably seen static images as backgrounds. But what about a video? When they appear right on the home page of your site, they give the visitor a more complete sense of what your company is all about right off the bat. It’s a great way to showcase work, products, brand stories and more, and highlight your areas of expertise in an easy, accessible, beautiful way.

So when you’re considering the design of your site, it never hurts to upscale your visuals. You’ll boost usability, drama and appeal.