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Aug 3

Best Shopify Themes for E-Commerce Websites

The past few years saw e-commerce gaining serious traction, and as a result, the need to focus on website design has become much more significant. The design of your e-commerce website can go a long way in establishing your e-commerce business.

Now, if you want to get your design right, you also need to get your e-commerce platform right. On that note, there is only one platform that truly offers all the benefits – Shopify.

Shopify is numero uno in the world of e-commerce website solutions. This is the one place where you can find themes that are not only attractive but also rich in functionality.

It’s not only the brand image that matters when choosing a theme. You also need to make sure that these themes provide customers with an unrivaled experience that is capable of convincing them to visit again.

Here are some of the key aspects of a good Shopify theme:

  • Clean design with customization capabilities.
  • Compatibility with multiple browsers.
  • Responsive design.
  • Optimized for better search result ranking.
  • Settings that allow modifications based on individual requirements.

We’ve provided a list of such themes below that have been developed by Shopify. Do take a look and take your pick.


Lorenza is a responsive and clean e-commerce theme found on the Shopify store. It also has a range of features that include newsletter integration, font customization, color customization, Instagram feed, Twitter feed, and homepage slideshow.

This particular theme is ideal for fashion brands because of the options to create asymmetrical and minimal layouts. You can also create collection pages that resemble mood-boards and lookbooks that are magazine-like.

The typographic elements are also quite impressive.

There are 3 preset options you get with Lorenza– Heritage, Handmade, and Urban.

However, what really stands out about Lorenza is that it is designed with e-commerce best practices in mind. So, you have the advantage of adhering to established practices, which provides your e-commerce site with a competitive edge.

But, Lorenza does come with a price. At $160, it might seem expensive, but, the investment is well worth it.


As the name indicates, Gameworld is a Shopify theme aimed at online gaming stores. It is compliant with mobile platforms and therefore, responsive. It is also compatible with W3C, CSS3, and HTML5.

It is customization-friendly and can be customized for video games, mobile games, iOS games, Android games, computer games, game serial keys, and license keys.

In terms of design, you are provided with separate white or dark skin options, which are quite impressive.

The theme is Bootstrap 3 based with CMS pages, parallax slideshows, SEO boost, product landing page, mega menus, and multiple layout options.

The UX is top notch, thanks to the minimalistic design and a simple layout.


This is probably the most stylish Shopify e-commerce theme on the market. The design objective behind the theme is to help start-up businesses grow. So, you could say that the theme is scalable; capable of handling business growth.

You have a long-format homepage with full-width modules that can be customized.

There are goal-tracking and crowdfunding features too, which are probably the most unique features to come with this theme.

If we were to decide what kind of sites Launch would be good for, we would say sites that sell technical products or are single-product focused. This theme is very good at emphasizing on the features of a product.

As with Lorenza, you get 3 presets with Launch as well, namely, Cool, Bold, and Fresh. All three presets come with a ton of customization options. A modular design for the About page allows you to present content in a story-like fashion.

Launch is responsive across most devices and is optimized to work effectively with a range of search engines. It’s also compatible with retina display, making it one of the few themes to follow site design best practices, especially with regard to best practices.

The theme can be downloaded for about $180; a small investment considering the vast benefits.


Sigma is another premium Shopify theme that really stands out. It comes loaded with stellar features and customization settings, along with the “easy-to-setup” advantage. You get support for high-resolution images, which mean your products will look better than ever.

Then, there is, of course, the fact that the theme is responsive, which is very important in today’s mobile-dominated world. The theme works well on both widescreen layout and portrait layouts.

Other key features include a dedicated sidebar, a quick shop option, subcategories in the sidebar, navigational dropdown menus, SEO options, social media integration, and product videos.

As for the design, it’s professional and neat. You also have four color schemes to choose from.

Some notable features include newsletter sign-up form with support from Mail Chimp, separate blog page design, and pop-up screens to keep customers engaged.