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Jul 27

Best Resource Websites for Adobe XD

If there is one cross-platform tool that is ideal for designing and prototyping, it is Adobe XD. Whether it is mobile interface design or web design, the Adobe XD is the go-to solution for all designers and developers. Though the tool is still in its developmental stages, it has still managed to acquire a massive following.

This is simply due to the fact that Adobe XD works and designers love it. It drastically reduces the effort and time taken to design and share prototypes. Plus, there are a couple of unique features such as the ‘repeat’ grid that simplifies designing like never before.

So, if you’re an Adobe XD user, you’re probably wondering if things could get any easier. Well, the good news is that they can.

In fact, we created this list of Adobe XD resources that do exactly that. Do go through and have fun!

Travel Agency Landing Page

This resource is a web page that caters to travel agencies. It is based on bootstrap and designed by Graphicstall. The layout and color options are quite wonderful.

Dreamy UI Kit

This is kit made of UI components that have been made exclusively for Adobe AD by Adobe Ad. As the name suggests, they are quite “dreamy”.

You get over 120 components and 700 elements that are distributed across 8 categories. This includes vector shapes, popular colors, and bootstrap grid, which are perfect for creating modern web designs, especially for e-commerce sites or blogs.

It is a kit that web designers should not ignore. In fact, it is a must-have.

XD Guru

XD Guru is a site dedicated to XD. Now, owing to the fact that it is new, there isn’t an extensive library that you can rely on.

However, the good news is that it’s growing consistently and the same can be said for its branding as well; it’s quite effective. The layout is that of a conventional blog with new posts showing up as you scroll down.

There are individual categories. For instance, you have a category for UI Kits and another category for Tutorials. These categories provide curated resources from several other sources on the web.

You also have access to a community page and a Facebook group exclusively set up for designers. The group is a great way to network and build your resource library.

Once again, XD Guru is definitely one of the XD resources to keep an eye on.


Dribbble is the perfect site if you are on the hunt for freebies. The site has designers from across the globe sending in their best AIs, PSDs, and files of the .xd variety. Not only do you have the best stuff, you also have plenty of it.

If you’re looking for anything XD related, use terms such as “adobe xd” or “xd freebie”. You will find plenty of XD freebie combos in the results.

The files are attached on the right side of the Dribbble image.

However, there are instances where the designer will host the free file on another site, usually their own. Sometimes, they’ll even have it in their Dropbox. The good thing is that most of the free stuff is tagged as “freebie”, making it easier for you to download.

You can have anything from app mockups to UI kits.

As Adobe XD continues to grow, Dribbble will probably become one of those resources that will lead the way as a resource library for all things XD.


Designermill is probably one of the more diverse XD resources out there. You can find more than just Adobe XD content here. Naturally, this makes it one of the most preferred sites as far as design is concerned.

If you’re specifically looking for XD material, go look under the XD Freebies category. You’ll find everything from .xd files and prototypes to UI mockups and wireframes.

You can also check out the other categories. You just might find something useful or interesting there as well. It’s a massive library that grows every day.

However, do note that the XD Freebies category is still in its beta stage. So, curated material is a little difficult to find. Plus, Designermill hasn’t provided an official date for when the category will come out of the beta stage.

But, when it does, you can be sure Designermill will have some serious traffic.

Guacamole UI Kit

This is a fantastic kit from the creators at Avocode. What makes it great is that it is highly detailed and also one of the best you’re likely to come across.

It’s also ideal for beginners. So, if you’re new to Adobe XD, you can use the kit as a set of training wheels. There’s a lot that you can actually learn by playing around with the resources provided in the