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May 20

Are you ready for “Mobilegeddon”

How often do you use your phone to access info online? If you’re anything like most people, it’s something you probably do all the time. And it probably drives you crazy when you go to a site that doesn’t size properly to fit a small screen, or more annoyingly – one that gives you a completely different mobile version that’s a condensed version of the main site.

You’re not alone. More and more people are using their phones to access the web. So many, in fact, that experts are predicting that smartphone searches will soon outpace the ones being done on regular computers.

Google is well aware of this shift. Which is why they’ve announced that they’re changing the way they rank sites, with a new algorithm that gives preference to responsive sites (those that work well across all devices) and penalizing those that don’t.

In typically dramatic style, the media has called this shift “mobilegeddon” because it’s going to end up impacting huge numbers of sites that aren’t mobile-friendly. Sites that rank well now could drop dramatically in search results with the new algorithm.

Websites prep for Google’s “mobilegeddon”
Google’s “mobilegeddon”

So what does this mean to you? If you’re a company that relies on being found online, it could translate to a significant drop in business. It won’t happen immediately, but over the next year or so, you’ll notice your ranking dropping further and further down the list, and fewer people finding you through Google searches.

Having a responsive site is the only way to keep your site close to the top. But ranking well isn’t the only reason to upgrade. It’s also about providing a good customer experience – which is why Google is so keen on it. They’re all about helping users access good content.

Responsive sites are designed to provide the best possible user experience across devices. No more dedicated mobile sites that cheat you on content and functionality — you just get one site that dynamically responds to the screen size and orientation of the viewing device. Users love them – and your customers will always appreciate having full access to your content, wherever they are.

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