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Oct 24

5 Tips For Making Your Website Stand Out From The Rest Of The Competition

Competition has become higher now than ever among companies in every industry to attract potential leads online. Perhaps, the number one way to generate lead is by having a strong and attractive website that represents your business accurately.

But the problem is that a plethora of websites today are generic with little to no innovation. They look pretty bland and do not stand out at all. Not only could this mean a huge loss for your business, an increasing bounce rate could signify that your website may not be all that interesting, and maybe even a little off-putting.

So what can you do to ensure that your visitors stay in your website long enough to become customers? Here are useful and innovative tips to make your website look and feel distinctive and different from the rest.

  1. Creatively Express Yourself As Much As Possible In Your Bios

Take the opportunity to present your company in a likeable and impressive way. Do away with boring and generic employee bios. Instead, let each employee write their bio themselves in a way that truly represents the kind of person they are.

Provide a fun photo instead of a basic head-shot. Instead of simply listing out qualifications and achievements, add some personal details like your hobbies, a link to your Pinterest account, or a link to your Spotify playlist. Visitors to your website will be more impressed this way and feel that they can relate. Remember that being relatable is important as it is what makes potential clients stay.

  1. Introduce Your Business With A Crisp Yet Fun Video

A great idea to grab visitors’ attention and lure them into spending a long time on your website is to have an engaging and fun video introducing them to your business right on your homepage. Make sure it is the first content they see.

Remember to make it quick. A long video, no matter how relatable, can get boring. And it is highly likely that people do not come to your website in search of videos to watch. They want to get to know your brand, see if you are a compatible partner, or provider. So make sure the content of the video is an accurate representation of what you stand for, your company values and beliefs. An intro video such as this is not only extremely engaging, but adds a lot of personality to your brand and makes it that much more attractive.

  1. Make Sure To Always Update Your Site Regularly With Fresh Content

No matter how outstanding your website design is, people are not going to remember you if you have outdated and low quality content. So always make sure that you update your website regularly with new, fresh content that is original, informative, useful and innovative.

You can share your best works on your site as proof of your credibility, or you can even maintain a blog. In fact, having a blog where you post all kinds of industry-related content is one of the most effective and useful methods to drive traffic back to your website. Make sure that you have a direct hyperlink to your blog on your site and vice-versa.

  1. Make Sure That You Choose A Simple, User-Friendly Interface

User interface and design is one of the most important determinants of a website’s success. Don’t throw in everything all at once. Opt for a simple and fresh design that isn’t a pain to look at and a user-friendly interface. It should not be a task for visitors to navigate around your site. This is a huge turn-off that chases potential clients away most of the time.

Decide on two or three (four at the most) color schemes and stick to it. When there is too much happening all at once on a website, it becomes difficult for visitors to focus on one element. Keep in mind that no matter how good your content is, people are not going to stay if your design is not attractive.

  1. Make Sure That Your Site Is Mobile-Friendly

Everyone knows what a pain it is to have to deal with websites that keep hanging or hardly function at all on mobile devices. But today, most people browse the internet from their smart phones and a huge portion of potential clients visit your website not from a desktop or laptop, but from their mobiles.

This only brings to attention how important it is for every company to have a website that runs just as smooth on a mobile as it does on a PC. Having a mobile-responsive site does not only mean making sure your website looks good on any screen. It means that each and every aspect – design, functionality, interface, navigation – works smoothly without complications.