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Feb 2

4 reasons you should have a responsive website

Responsive sites offer an optimal experience. Content is easy to read, navigation is intuitive, and there’s no annoying resizing or panning. They’re designed to be flexible across all devices – looking just as great on your laptop and on your phone, at any resolution. Responsive web design is a logical trend in a world where users are looking to access great content from whatever device they happen to be using. If the info they can get on their iPhone doesn’t cut it, they’ll just move on, and you will have lost them.

1. Users have a better experience. The “stripped down” mobile site is on its way out. You know how frustrating it is knowing there’s info on the main site that you can’t access from your phone. And trying to look at a traditional site on a small screen is a less than stellar experience. Having a single responsive site means users see the same stuff no matter what device they’re using, and it looks great – no resizing or panning required.

2. You save money. This is pretty basic math: one site is cheaper than two. One site to build. One to maintain. And one to optimize. Why double that by having a main site and a separate mobile site?

3. Google loves it. Google considers responsive web design an industry best practice because one URL is easier to crawl and index. Plus, it makes it easier for users to share content – a single site ensures users won’t end up opening a limited mobile site on their computer, or phone users won’t end up struggling with microscopic fonts and unfriendly navigation. It’s just easier for everyone.

4. It’s great for SEO. When there’s only one URL to drive people to, it’s so much easier to optimize. Your site will rank better, and people will find you faster.

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